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Visitors Opinion

Visitors Opinion

I came, I saw and I am conquered. The good work at that is done in this school should be known much more widely than it is now …

M. Gopala Krishna Reddy
Vice Chancellor, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.

I felt that our ancient ashram system of education, has been re-established here in a modern setting …

M.Y.Bhide, Principal,
Education College, Maharashtra

Really it is a school with a difference

R. Ramakrishnaiah, I.A.S.,

I am extremely pleased to see much a nucleus of school system in India alive with total devotion.

Dr. V.D. Dedgaonkar,
University of Poona, PUNE

Words fail me in putting down the feelings of elation, peace and tranquility…. I visualize a glorious future for Vijnana Vihara, in which a harmonious amalgamation of culture occidental and oriental civilization East and West are evident …

Lt. Col. C.V.K.S. Rao, Principal,
Sainik School, Chittorgarh

The institution is excellent

Dr. Devendra Sharma,
Ex. Vice-Chancellor, Lucknow.

I am deeply impressed with the discipline of the children, their smiling faces and behavior. They are being trained to become ideal citizens who will succee3d in their careers.

C.V.Avadhani, Director of Accounts,
Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi.

I was very impressed with the student’s discipline, commitment, and dedication to learning their curiosity and eagerness to ask questions will take them very far.

Dr. Sheela Seetaram,
At. Luis, Missouri, U.S.A.

This is a very nice and ideal school with an atmosphere of Shantiniketan and calm atmosphere of the Oxford University; I find that this school is being run on very sound lines.

D.V.S. Narayana Murthy
Rtd. Principal, Visakhapatnam

I am very much pleased by seeing the premises of the Vijnana Vihara, which is situated in a beautiful location. Its activities will undoubtedly help socio-economic development of our motherland.

Y. Ramakrishnudu,
Speaker, A.P. Assembly, Hyderabad.

I had a chance to interact into the students of this magnificent educational institution and was very much impressed. I hope that it continues to serve the GYANA PIPASA of the younger generation, in the same way as it has been doing so far.

Prof. Alook Srivastav,
Baba Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai.

We are much surprised to see KARATE exhibition at this area. We feel friendship between Japanese and Indian. The education system taken in this school is very good to discipline children.

Yogi Sekino,
Kawamura, Kojima, Japan

This institution started by the efforts of young teachers i.e., on the basis of their Sacrificing spirit. This is a unique institution of its kind in India setting an example for sacrificing people, of other parts, Medium is English, but in language only, but in all other respects, is Indian.

R.K. Rastogi,
Advocate General, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

It is set in a forest and hill environment and is ideal for imparting and receiving a man -making, nation – building, and character building education.

Swami Ranganandananda,
Ramakrishna Mission, Hyderabad.


I am sure its standards and stature will create a trend for other institutions.

Prof. Bh. Krishna Murthy,

I can unhesitatingly say that the efforts of the school family to produce students well -versed in modern disciplines and Indian heritage would raise it to a pioneer center of education in this part of our country.

Prof. Murali Manohar Joshi

As an old teacher, I am thrilled by the bright faces of the students……

Prof. Rajendra Singh,
Jt. Organising Secretary, R.S.S., New Delhi

A great institution with a great promise.

Dr. D.N. Rao

The way the school management has been trying to expose the students not only to modern knowledge through the cultivation of modern sciences but also to our great cultural heritage appeals to me a great ideal.

Prof. B. Sarveswara Rao
Ex. Vice-Chancellor,
Nagarjuna University.

I am happy to visit this institution for the first time and to know the good work being done.

Prof. B. Ramachandra Rao
Ex. U.G.C., Vice-Chairman,

This is an ideal school, in an ideal set-up.

Swamy Dayananda Saraswati,

I am deeply impressed with the commitment of the teachers and atmosphere built in this institution. The meaning of true education can be perceived if one spends an hour or two in this institution.

P.V.R.K. Prasad, I.A.S.
Chairman, Port Trust,

They are doing exceptionally well

Ravi Shankar,
Art of living, Bangalore.

It is a different school – different in many ways – that provides a silver lining to the dark cloud hovering above us.

Prof. Prasanna Kumar
74/8, M.V.P. Colony, Visakhapatnam

The enthusiasm showed by the students in learning new things is indeed positive and healthy approach that is taught to them by the faculty of this school is commandable.

Prof. G. Chakrapani,
Prof. In Physics, U.S.A.

I have visited many schools around the world and consider this school to be one of the best Emphases on moral values and self-discipline is all that are required.


Dr. Ch. Radha Krishna,
Melic Court, San Diego, U.S.A.