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Dr. Hedgewar School Hospital (1985)

In 1984 Dr. Hedgewar Hospital was inaugurated by Dr. N.Jayaprakash Narain – the then Joint Collector of Visakhapatnam, on the Vijnana Vihara Campus at Gudilova. Not only the residents of Vijnana Vihara Campus but also the surrounding villages are served. Apart from regular clinic, medical camps, antenatal checkups and out reach activities are conducted to educate rural women.

Since 2003, Vijnana Viihara adopted five villages Tharluvada colony, Tharluvada, Nagarapalem Gudilova and Mindivanipalem around Gudilova, Anandapuram Mandal, Visakhapatnam District to render medical services. A team examines all medical cases and diagnose the problem and provide free medicines and advise. We provide our school bus and ambulance to fetch ANC cases in those remote villages for checkups which are to be conducted every month on 9th at Dr. Hedgewar Hospital, Gudilova.

Monthly checkups to ANC of all stages yielded good results like early detection of “risk pregnancies”. All the pregnant women are advised to utilize the services of near by Anandapuram Primary Health Centre for deliveries and immunizing children.

The awareness in women for complete immunization to their children, and hospital deliveries, early risk identifications are the results we got in this period.


A) At Gudilova :

Vijnana Vihara is proudly informing about “Ambulance Services”. The old students of Vijnana Vihara Residential School, Gudilova donated it. Twenty five years of services yielded fruits in the form of presentation of Ambulance by old students of Vijnana Vihara. Secondly all the students have confessed to provide their material help to start good rural based hospital to cater the needs of the Antenatal Mothers and Neonatal children. The health activity by Vijnana Vihara under Dr. Hedgewar Hospital is to work “hand in glove” with state, in order to achieve our demographic goals.

B) At SeetampetaTribal Area :

Vijnana Vihara has started providing health transport in tribal areas. Andhra Pradesh Government has handed an ambulance under “Mata Sisu Rakshak Scheme”. This provides emergency health transport services for referral and high risk cases especially mother and children at free of cost for people below poverty line and or payment for others.