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Welcome to Vijnana Vihara Residential School, Gudilova

Education is the training of mind and assimilation of ideas leading to dynamism of character and creativity of personality and not mere book learning or stuffing of the brain that leads to stagnation in personality. Education should have a discriminatory grasp of strong and weak points of our hoary national culture and tradition. It should also have a firm grasp of the realities of contemporary India. Above all it must help our people to combine the strong and tested elements of modernity.

Such were the sentiments that prompted the illustrious founding fathers of this institution to launch this guru Kula center of learning in 1980. This has now matured to fulfill the needs of the nation. Following the footprints of our founding fathers, we at Gudilova envisaged a total integration natural environment, the social environment, and the cultural environment which have a profound influence on the young during formative years.

With this end in view, it has been our endeavour to preserve the pristine purity of the land of wildness in which the school is located; to set and example through ideas social relations between students and teachers, students and staff, staff and management. Likewise, the cultural milieu of the nation has been projected in a balanced and positive way through a variety of curricular and extra-curricular events, enabling the students to breathe, express, dream and act the ideas Indian tradition, purity of nature and freedom of thought.

The school is 27 kms away from Visakhapatnam. It is located in a village called Gudilova (meaning Temple Valley) on direct highway connecting Anakapalle and Vizianagaram bypassing Visakhapatnam. It is quite and ideal place breathing peace and tranquility with hills on the south and west and plain area on the north and east. It is ideal spot for learning. The temple of Narayaneswara and Ranganadh swamy situated in the valley 2 kms away from the school, are attracting tourist spots. The whole atmosphere is surcharged with piety, peace and tranquility. All the students, teachers and staff with their families reside in the campus, breathing the beauty of nature. All buses from Visakhapatnam and Anakapalle, bound for Srikakulam and Vizianagaram, pass by Anandapuram Junction, which is also an express bus stop. City buses from Visakhapatnam 25-B, and 222 touch Anandapuram junction. From that point one may take any vehicle that goes towards Anakapalle to reach the school which is 6 kms. from the junction. Auto Rickshaws are also available from the Anandapuram junction.

The school which began with 31 pupils and 7 teachers, has since stabilized into a modern gurukula to house, groom and teach 622 ( boys and girls )of classes V to X. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. The students come from a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic background and from a wide spectrum of economic, social background. They cohabit with affection under the loving care of 30 teaching and 35 non-teaching staff members

The school offers instruction from Classes V to X. The students of class X are presented the Public Examinations known as ALL INDIA SECONDARY SCHOOL EXAMINATION conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The first batch of class X students was presented in March 1985. (For A.I.S.S.E. results see Appendix III)

The medium of instruction is English. Sanskrit is one of the compulsory subjects upto class VIII. Telugu / HIndi are subjects taught at Secondary Level. In classes IX and X, the students can choose any ONE out of Telugu, Hindi and Sanskrit for which instruction is arranged in school. Other compulsory subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Civics and Geography.

Students of classes IX and X have practical classes in Science in addition to their regular theory classes, while students of other classes have demonstrations. These are supported by three well equipped laboratories in physics, chemistry and Biology.


Music Class: Sangeetam is a compulsory subject for junior classes, as a part of Panchamukhi Yojana. However interested students can have an additional coaching in vocal and instrumental music (Violin, Veena and Mridangam) from our music school Bharathi Kala Vihara on payment of prescribed fees


Dance Class: Students interested in Dance are provided coaching in Kuchipudi and Bharata Natyam style by professional experts on the payment of prescribed fees.

Science Forum

Susrutha Vijnana Sastra Mandali, a Science forum organizes various competitions, activities and interactive sessions.

Arts Forum

Tilak Sanghika Sastra Mandali, an arts club is instrumental in organizing various competitions in literary and various arts. The students are encouraged to participate in these programmes, which provide a competitive environment to exhibit their innate talents.

1. Five Unit tests, two terminal examinations (quarterly and half yearly) and a final examination are conducted. Progress reports of students are sent to parents periodically.

2. Pre-public Examination is conducted for classes 9th and 10th on the lines of public examination so as to enable the students to face the Final Examinations with confidence.

3. Students are encouraged to write other examinations like Talent Examinations in Mathematics, Science and General Knowledge, Samskriti Gyana Pariksha. Sanskrit, Hindi etc. conducted by various institutions and organisations through out the country.

Students have both Audio and Video sessions in various subjects. A 16 mm projector, four CTV sets, two video cassette players, two audio cassette players, two complete programmes on education comprising of 200 video cassettes and few audio cassettes are used for this purpose.

The School is well equipped with computers. Experienced faculty will handle classes in computers. Computer education is made compulsory and is included as one of the subjects in the school curriculum. Besides class rooms teaching of the subject, the students will also be provided with practical experience of computer.

A good library-cum-reading room is provided with just over 12,000 books in English, Sanskrit, Telugu and Hindi besides various books in Science & Humanities. 35 periodicals are available in the Reading Room

Students are accommodated in the dormitories. Each student is provided with a cot and a cupboard to preserve his/her personal belongings. Mattress, Pillows and Bed sheets are to be brought by the student. Other requirements are mentioned separately in Appendix- 1. A separate hostel for girls is arranged. Efficient and dedicated wardens maintain warm and affectionate atmosphere in the hostel.

1. Every student is encouraged to participate in all types of physical education activities. Good play ground and sports & games equipment are provided for the following games : Volleyball, Ball-badminton, Shuttle-badminton, Tenni-coit, Cricket, Table Tennis, Foot Ball, Base ball, hand ball, Hockey, Basket ball, Kho-Kho, Shot-Put, Disc throw etc.

2. Gymnastics and Yogasanas are also taught. Karate and Kolatam are optional.

A foundation course for I.I.T. will be given to selected students of classes VIII to X. The classes will be handled by senior lecturers and professors. These classes are conducted on Sundays and the course is optional on payment of additional fees.

1.A well balanced, nutritious vegetarian diet with milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits is provided. School bakery caters to the bakery products.

2.  A Resident Medical Officer is staying on the campus of the school to maintain a 10 bedded hospital by name “Dr. Hedgewar Hospital”

3.Periodical Medical check-up is arranged and students’ health records are maintained to assess students’ general health.

4.Hot water is supplied for bath during winter.

 Students are encouraged to keep up and follow a planned daily programme. It consists of time for study, rest recreation and self development, in desirable proportion which provides an opportunity for the development of student’s body, mind and intellect. The daily programme is given in Appendix – 11.

AM 5.00 Getting up from bed
5.30 Getting ready for day’s Work
6.00 Physical Exercises & Yogasana
7.00 Swadhyayam (Self study)
8.15 Breakfast ( Alpaharam)
8.45 to 11.50 Classes
PM 12.15 Lunch
12.45 to 1.30 Library Period
2.00 to 4.30 Classes
5.00 Milk & Tiffin
5.20 to 6.15 Outdoor Games
6.45 Dhyanam
7.00 to 8.15 Swadhyayam
8.15 Dinner
9.15 Going to Bed (Juniors)
Swadhyayam (Seniors)
10.30 Deepa Nirvaan (Lights off)

Services of barber, tailor, dhobi and cobbler are made available within the campus to meet the necessities of students.


Year Number Appeared First
Second Class Third Class TotalPass % Pass Highest Highest Marks out of 500
1985 14 06 07 01 14 100 387
1986 17 13 03 01 13 100 418
1987 21 20 01 21 100 438
1988 31 31 31 100 437
1989 29 29 29 100 443
1990 32 32 32 100 466
1991 38 38 38 100 463
1992 37 37 37 100 464
1993 39 31 08 39 100 452
1994 34 34 34 100 437
1995 31 26 04 01 31 100 445
1996 41 41 41 100 464
1997 59 59 59 100 469
1998 63 60 03 63 100 463
1999 62 60 02 62 100 454
2000 59 58 01 59 100 461
2001 76 76 76 100 454
2002 71 70 01 71 100 469
2003 67 67 67 100 460
2004 66 66 66 100 468
2005 71 70 01 71 100 465
2006 67 65 02 67 100 472

T R A N S F E R   C E R T I F I C A T E S

The below are the transfer certificates as per the request of the higher education institutions.  Vijnana Vihara Residential School is not responsible for any unauthorized use of the same.